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offers, accessibility and corona: what does SKAR do?


Help with Corona: in cooperation with the municipality, SKAR can offer tenants who have made much less turnover (at least 30%) in the corona period (March 2020 - April 2021) a rent reduction. You can apply until July 22, 2021 - there are conditions attached. Read more here.

Staying informed:
SKAR also sends regular newsletters with information in the aftermath of the corona crisis. Read them here.

Employees of the SKAR office work partly from home, in connection with the national Corona measures.
We are happy to inform you how we can stay in touch with each other.

By phone:
We aim to be available by phone on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 10:00 and 14:00. Because our office will not be fully staffed, it may be that we are not always able to answer the phone right away. In that case, you can also send a Whatsapp message

Mail is read daily.
For general questions, please send a message to:

Visits will only be received by appointment. We will ask you in advance if you have any cold symptoms (cough, sore throat, running nose). Even if your partner and/or child(ren) have these symptoms, it is important to inform us.
We follow the guidelines of the RIVM with regard to our own presence at our office and receiving visits. If you are in a high-risk group, we will ask you not to come.

When accepting a repair request, SKAR or the contractor/worker will contact you. You will be asked whether you suffer from a cold. If you have a cold, an appointment will be made as soon as the complaints are over.

We understand that it can be difficult for you and will try to reduce the inconvenience as much as possible.

Thank you for understanding,

The SKAR team