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on emergency suits and our graduate service

blog April 14, 2020

Last year I went almost every day to De Wasserij, where I am working with SKAR in building a community of innovative fashion entrepreneurs. Because of the Covid-19 situation, all I can do now is work from home. I have ample rest and space, sure, but it is not always easy. Like the other members of the laundry community, I miss the energy that comes from being and working together in our building. At times, I regret not being able to do more. That said, I still feel confident: corona does not kill creativity. As a community we find all kinds of ways to create meaning, for each other, and for others. Today I proudly share a number of initiatives that have recently arisen in De Wasserij.

Emergency suits
Research is currently underway in the studio of AnoukxVera . The design duo is able to work at a safe distance, because the studio consists of two separate rooms. Last year, Anouk and Vera were part of a project called Taskforce Fashion , during which they started investigating the role of fashion and textiles during emergencies. They discovered that when it comes to the contents of emergency packages, little attention is paid to the role of clothing. In recent weeks, this research suddenly became all the more relevant, and the designers are now actively pursuing it. Follow their findings on their Instagram .

Sewing with Lidewij
A few doors down the alley, in the studio of Lidewij van Twillert, a sewing machine rattles. Busy with a new collaboration project that will take place this fall, Lidewij also launched a new initiative: Sewing with Lidewij. In these vlogs she shares her knowledge and shows you how to make clothes yourself. Lesson 1: a holographic swimsuit, which hopefully can still be used during the Indian summer of 2020. On her website you can buy starter packages < / a>with patterns and fabric to get started at home.

Makerslab Graduate Service
In the
Makerslab of De Wasserij, our coordinator Tiemen has signaled growing lack of ease among fashion graduates in recent weeks. They have to complete their graduation collections in June, but currently the school buildings, and therefore also the workshops, are closed. The Makerslab in De Wasserij still is open, albeit under strict usage rules and with a limited number of users at the same time. To help graduates, the Makerslab collaborates with various courses and offers tailor-made help . The first graduates have already reported. Are you or do you know someone who benefits from our help? Please contact us via!

#Support tour locals
The Covid-19 crisis naturally offers an excellent opportunity to support local designers. They need it now more than ever. Moniek and Sacha, founders of an.nur and makers of baby essentials, notice that people know how to get their hands on for a personal gift. Now that visitors are not available, they are happy to send something special to their newborn nephew, niece, grandchild or friends. The production of an.nur, which is also partly made in Portugal, is less likely to be delivered due to the current situation. This increases the need to organize their entire production locally. an.nur is now looking with a number of fellow residents from the Laundry to see whether they can set up a production line together. This allows them to continue to meet the demand and at the same time creates work for colleagues who temporarily have fewer assignments.

Do you want to invest in products from local fashion entrepreneurs? See for an overview of our talented makers and designers. Or follow our Instagram page, where we continuously share initiatives from our community. Do you have any other ideas to support our community? Please contact us at .

Warm greetings and stay safe!