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Berkenwoudestraat 7 - Ijsselmonde

Since April 2021, SKAR has been developing a studio building on the Berkenwoudestraat in IJsselmonde, which offers working space to 35 artists, makers and creatives. The building will offer beautiful, light and clean rooms with dimensions between 10 and 150 m2

Community Berkenwoudestraat
The Berkenwoudestraat is an ideal location to start your own professional practice as a creative maker. And to start as a tenant at SKAR.
Also as a collective of creators a lot is possible at this location because of the various individual or shared spaces available. There is already a small community at work in this building - from musicians to artists - who are open to collaboration, to learning from each other and growing together. All types of artists are welcome.

If that's what you want too, this might be the perfect place for you.

Are you working on a project together with others?
Then we can offer each tenant individually a (partial) contract of the space.

And the location?
IJsselmonde may seem far away, but the Berkenwoudestraat is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle or car, with free parking right outside the door. And if you already live in Zuid, this workplace is nice and close by.

Are you looking for a large space for a project or collaboration?

The Berkenwoudestraat also has a large open hall of approx. 500 m2 that is very suitable as a workshop or common project space. The hall is equipped with a storage attic and offers a separate entrance for loading and unloading.

Several studios available immediately
Surface areas between 10 and 40m2
Prices based on SKAR standard