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Do you have a complaint?

As a tenant of SKAR, we want to serve you well with your studio and our services. We solve problems as quickly as possible. SKAR's buildings are all old, and we want to keep them affordable. But also keep them as in order as possible. Our staff works hard at this every day. But sometimes something goes wrong. Maybe that's why you're not satisfied with our service. This page tells you what to do then.

You can file a complaint if you are not satisfied with:

  • The manner in which a service or repair was performed
  • The way you were treated by an employee and/or contractor
  • A promise not kept
  • Our Policy

A complaint is always about our service. Or the services of a company we have engaged on your behalf. For example, a contractor.

You can report your complaint here, or you can do so by sending us an email about it.

You'll get a confirmation from us first. And we'll call you to discuss the complaint. We are already thinking about a solution.

Maybe you're not satisfied with our service. Because sometimes something goes wrong. We're happy to fix that.

During our phone conversation, we also make arrangements right away. And we plan a follow-up meeting. This is how we keep you informed about the status of your complaint. We try to resolve your complaint as best we can.


But: not everything is a complaint.

Do you need something repaired? For a repair request, you can use the portal on the website. In doing so, you can log in with your debtor number and submit the report. Are you not satisfied with how the repair was done? Then you can submit a complaint.

Do you disagree with our policies? If so, we will use your complaint to improve our services in the future. We cannot change our policy right away. Therefore, we close these complaints immediately.

Are we not getting there?
Sometimes we don't succeed in finding a solution together. Then we speak of a dispute. Then ask, for example The Legal Help Desk for advice. The Kunstenbond may also be able to help.