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Who can rent a studio?

First of all, you must belong to SKAR's target audience. That means that you work professionally as an artist/creative. Criteria have been established for this, with SKAR's Atelier Committee.

Next, you must register yourself on our applicant list, indicating that you would like to be considered for a studio or workspace.

After registration, you will be sent regular offers of available studios. If you are interested, please respond via the link in the offer e-mail (within the specified period). You will then be notified whether you are eligible for the space in question.

SKAR weighs up who is the most suitable candidate for each location and each studio. It depends on what you do and whether it fits there. The candidate list is not a waiting list - so you do not automatically come to the top of a list. To begin with, you must respond yourself, and if there are multiple candidates, SKAR will make a consideration - no correspondence will be entered into about this.

What are the criteria for getting on the candidate list?
Currently, you must meet one or more of the following criteria:

- You have graduated from a creative/art school;
- You have exhibited and/or received stipends;
- You are registered with a professional organization or with the CBK;
- You have an income derived from your creative work;
- You pass the test of our studio committee;

Does this mean that if you e.g. have not taken a creative or art course, you are not eligible? No. Anyone who is a self-taught professional artist/creative is welcome to join us. But then the studio committee will be watching.

What happens when you decide to do something else?
SKAR's studios are intended for artists/creatives who work professionally (and are therefore active). If you find out you need to start doing something completely different than when you rented, and it no longer fits within the criteria, SKAR expects you to terminate the studio rental. We don't want to stand in anyone's way if they decide to take a different path, but the demand for studios is high, and studios should remain available for artists/creatives.