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Crowdfunding - Lively Exhibitions The Archive

An open exhibition venue with unexpected encounters between art, artists and enthusiasts.

The purpose of the exhibitions is to create a meeting place for works of art, art lovers and artists. On the first floor of building Het Archief, there will be an exhibition space in which young, living Rotterdam artists will organize exhibitions. This space will be made available to this initiative by SKAR free of charge.
The exhibitions last for a month. Unlike the standard exhibition, here a few works will change every week. This will put all the works in a new relationship to each other all the time, giving rise to a real substantive conversation about the works. And every week there will be a gathering, in the form of music, performance or simply the Lamers Café.
A sculpture garden will also be realized on the square next to the building, a work of art by Peter Struycken, where sculptures that are nowhere to be seen will now have an audience, each sculpture for eight weeks in constantly changing compositions. The square will also be made available free of charge by SKAR.
The concept has been developed by Herman Lamers over the past few years in temporary venues, now there is a permanent place. To make the programming possible, we are seeking crowdfunding through for art.
Link to crowdfunding: