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How big is the demand for studios - survey

Artists' initiative survey

On the initiative of artists and in collaboration with the CBK, we are launching a survey. We notice that in these times in which the income for artists/creatives is so uncertain, many also have no certainty about a workplace. Over the past four years SKAR has been able to work well with the municipality to expand the number of studios and workplaces. We now have double what we had in 2016. But twice as many people register each year as we can provide a place to work. And those are only the ones who know where to find us.

At the moment some artists are preparing a letter to be sent to the municipality, an emergency call actually. When it is sent, we will pay attention to it. For us it is important to be able to determine how high the need really is. We know how many people have come to us. We also know how many people got a place via the other places (the Keilewerven, De Kroon et cetera).

What we don't know is, how many people still depend on the squatters, or even can't work at all because they don't have a place. We need help with this.

Here is the questionnaire: Do you know people who are looking, could you tell them about this questionnaire? The more we know, the better we can work on it.