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In Development: A Building for Alumni

An Exciting Triangular Relationship

It is clear that it is very difficult for recently graduated artists to find a fully-fledged studio. Just graduated and full of plans to get started, but no place to work here in Rotterdam. SKAR wants to mean something in that!
On the Putsebocht, just south of the Afrikaanderplein in Rotterdam South, stands a school building from the 1920s. There, SKAR sees the opportunity to respond to the demand of graduates to be able to go to work immediately after graduation. A collaboration with the Willem de Kooning Academy and the National Programme Rotterdam South, offers attractive opportunities in three areas.
First of all, these alumni are offered a fully-fledged and affordable studio. Secondly, they can receive guidance from the WdKA to further develop their artistic practice, and thirdly, with this guidance, they have the opportunity to enter into a relationship with the neighbourhood and neighbouring schools.
An exciting triangular relationship:
The collaboration between SKAR, WdKA and NPRZ offers an opportunity for artists and creatives to add value to the city. A value that can lie in the development of an artistic practice in a social environment where the young artist can work on social issues from an inner motivation. Complementary is the appeal made to them by society. In this way art can add new perspectives to a neighbourhood and the artist can develop himself. SKAR not only offers a start-up opportunity to the young artist in the form of a temporary rental contract, but also guarantees the flow within this project by offering the artist another studio at the end of the agreed period.
For SKAR, this collaboration is not only a task, but also a challenge to keep the entire process on the right track.