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New Deal Culture Rotterdam

Rotterdam think tank New Deal Culture advises city council

The cultural sector, together with the catering and events sector, has been hit hardest by corona. The sector has been virtually at a standstill for over a year now. For many, restarting just like that is not an option. For broad prosperity, the value of culture is an underlying foundation of our society. A recovery plan from the corona crisis will therefore have to take sufficient account of the badly affected cultural sector, both nationally and locally.

This is the time to think ahead and make investments that stimulate and, where necessary, revitalise the cultural sector. Investments that can be seen as seed money to act as a flywheel. This is how we get the experience of culture going again and serve the public. It will also enable the transition that can strengthen the resilience, manoeuvrability and resilience of the people who together make up the cultural sector.

Recommendations of the New Deal Culture think tankto the municipal council
1. Enable the continuation of innovations that were started before or during the corona crisis and that contribute to the resilience and viability of Rotterdam's cultural sector. Think also of innovations in funding, such as risk sharing through collective funds;
2. 2. Ensure the transition of Rotterdam's cultural sector to a sustainable and powerful future by strengthening
- 2. Ensure the transition of Rotterdam's cultural sector to a sustainable and powerful future by strengthening: the supply, range, participation and earning capacity (core task)
- mutual connections (the cultural fabric)
- Interconnection with other areas of Rotterdam's economy and society (social and economic anchoring).

Work along 3 tracks
1. Continue emergency support as long as necessary;
2. Create a flywheel that enables the sector to restart as soon as possible;
3. Support the sector in its transition towards greater resilience, agility and longer-term resilience, so that it remains part of the fabric needed for an inclusive, solidarity-based, sustainable and prosperous society.

"Ultimately, the combination of these three tracks will lead to a more resilient and resilient cultural sector, which is not only more resilient to new crises itself but also contributes to the recovery and resilience of other sectors in the economic and social spheres."

With this, the Think Tank hopes to inspire not only the policymakers but all those involved. The advice is not intended as a static document, but hopefully provides sufficient direction for further policy development. The report offers a basis for further discussion and elaboration and, above all, implementation.

Read the entire advice here:
New Deal Culture Rotterdam Advisory Panel