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New Feedback Group for Tenants

Exchanging ideas about SKAR's developments

SKAR would like to have regular discussions with tenants about what is going on and what could be improved. This need increases with SKAR's growth; it is good to keep each other informed on a regular basis. After talks with tenants from various buildings, the initiative for a sounding board group arose.

The idea is to hold a sounding board meeting at least three times a year; in this initial phase it will be more often. If we can, and if it is safe, we will meet physically at a location. As long as this is not the case, we will use an online platform such as Zoom. A first meeting was held on 19 May to discuss the form. The next meeting will be on 17 June at 16.00 and will last 90 minutes at most.

Who is invited?
We strive for one person per building to join - who that is we leave up to the tenants. However, it is useful to register in advance. Minutes are taken of each meeting. The minutes are sent to the participants present with the request to distribute them within the building. We can also send the minutes to interested parties on request. We also ask you to send us your suggestions for the agenda no later than two days before the meeting.

One of the points to be discussed in the next meeting is communication and clarity regarding settlement of service costs. But it can also be about other issues that concern tenants. All input is welcome.

If you would like to exchange ideas with us and/or have questions about SKAR's developments, please register now for the next sounding board meeting on 17 June by sending an email to