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News about rental indexation

Dear tenant,

As you know, rents are adjusted to inflation every year. This is called indexation and always takes place on 1 July. In the past ten years we have become used to low inflation of between 1%-2%. That meant a fairly small adjustment of the rent.

It is now clear that inflation is high this year, pushed up by corona, the war in Ukraine and energy prices. SKAR rents most of its buildings from the municipality (most of them) and from third parties. This means that we too will be charged for the indexation and have to implement it. We follow the municipality in this.

As mentioned, inflation is alarmingly high this year and is running at 10% where indexation is concerned. Because we foresaw this, we and other cultural organisations entered into talks with the municipality to discuss the possibility of an adjustment.

That conversation has not yet yielded any results - the municipality is also facing high costs. However, the municipality has indicated that they will postpone the indexation by one month. We will do the same. The July rent will therefore remain the same as you have come to expect from us over the past year. But an adjustment of the rent is inevitable.

As soon as we know more, we will come back to you. Rent indexation is expected to take effect on 1 August.