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The orange tree-art project

Open call proposal – The orange Tree art projects (TOT)

The Garden in Time
For its first open call Foundation, The Orange Tree [TOT] invites artists from Rotterdam and the surrounding areas to submit a proposal for a site-specific circular artwork on the theme of THE GARDEN IN TIME.
We are looking for a site-specific circular artwork. A work of art or artistic intervention that, in addition to its artistic quality, has a temporary capacity that will literally decay, i.e. fall to pieces, evaporate, disintegrate, or fade away. This is not limited to organic materials.
The site at TOT consists of a garden of circa 270 m2 and in addition, a brick wall of approximately 15 x 4 meters, both are available for the installation of your work. Your temporary work will exist from installation until its demise, leaving the space free for the next art work.
In a non-COVID-19 scenario, the garden would be regularly open to the public during this creative process and audience invited to participate in events inspired by the artwork and organized by TOT in collaboration with the exhibiting artist.
Since this is not the case and we are bound by the RIVM restrictions we have invited a filmmaker, in addition to the visual artist, to follow the production process by means of recordings that will be posted on social media.

Location: Oranjeboomstraat 109, the garden of the studio building in Rotterdam South, owned by SKAR.

-1 July deadline for proposals including sketch ideas, supporting text (max 1 A4), timeline of activity, short CV [max 2 A4] and portfolio of 5 works related to this open call or a reference to your website. Please send your materials in a zip file or via we-transfer, in one pdf (up to 10MB limit) to:
-15 July- announcement of the selected artist initiative and start consultation between the artists and representatives of TOT
-20 to 8 Aug -access to garden, set-up workspace
-16 Aug to 31 Dec 2020- possible working period of the artist and eventual small scale opening [following RIVM protocol] date t.b.a.

Honorarium: 1500, – euro excluding VAT, material, travel and transport costs
Facilities: basic

The process will be recorded in ten short film recordings, from the initial phase to the decay of the artwork. The artist is expected to work with the organization in the form of agreements with regard to making the recordings, short interviews and explanations of the work to a larger audience. The planning of these recordings will be made in consultation with the artist.

For questions and possible requests to visit the garden:

The Orange Tree Foundation (TOT) strives to support visual artists by offering them a temporary workplace and platform to meet and work with other artists and professionals. In this way, the Foundation contributes to the development of artistry in a general sense and artistry in Rotterdam in particular.
Through presentations of its productions, the Foundation wants to connect with an interested audience and sees a social need for a connection between the Foundation and the residents of Rotterdam. TOT wants to emphasize that art is not used as an instrument to answer social needs. TOT values art for the sake of art, for its artistic value.
A TOT project always has a temporary character with the end result being an exhibition, exposition, event or product, all to be archived for future reference.
for more information and photos, see our facebook page.